10th International Workshop on Functional Nanocomposites

7th – 10th of September 2021

Varese, Villa Cagnola

The workshop will have a hybrid format: both in presence and online. If the COVID restrictions are still in place, it will be held entirely online.


Workshop aims on polymer metal nanocomposites. These nanocomposites may consist of polymer/metal in the shape of nanoclusters/nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanofibers, and nanowires.


Workshop aims to bring together physicists, chemists, and engineers from academics and industries to combine their knowledge of nanocomposites advanced preparation techniques, new material properties and industrial applications. In addition computer simulations and theoretical work are included.

Villa Cagnola

Workshop will be held at Villa Cagnola, a fascinating, intriguing residence, rich in history, with a private Art Collection, the English park and the Italian garden, with a breathtaking view over the Monte Rosa and the Lake of Varese.